Genesis Avatar NFT

With its Identity Scenario Layer at MXBOX, Avatar NFT is performed as an entrance voucher to access other benefits in the MXBOX ecosystem: mining speed up, whitelist, airdrop, pre-mint access, vote and governance.

2. How many Avatar NFTs are there?

Currently, there are only 1000 Genesis Avatar NFTs available.

3. What are the benefits of holding Genesis Avatar NFT?

Holder Avatar NFT Benefits

$UNO airdrop, only available to the original wallet address, will remain available until the MXBOX GameFi is officially launched, with other benefits unchanged.

4. What are the extra benefits of buying the Genesis Avatar NFT mystery box?

Genesis Avatar NFT, as the first Genesis NFT in our project, enjoys a limited amount with 1000 NFTs featuring various levels. Without further issue, it’s employed to prove that you are one of the earliest community members. In addition to the regular benefits mentioned above, Genesis Avatar NFT users will earn rewards as shown below:

The above benefits for holding Genesis Avatar NFT only belong to holders of the original NFT address wallet and will not be valid if transferred or sold.

5. What is UNO? What roles does it play in the MXBOX ecosystem?

As the utility token in the MXBOX Metaverse ecosystem, UNO, serving in the scenario of the MXBOX ecosystem, can be traded and employed to add more liquidity.

What’s more, consuming UNO plays a crucial part in repairing, upgrading and synthesizing NFTs.

As you can see, UNO serves as a utility token in the application scenario, and you can earn UNO tokens when participating in airdrops, winning rewards or performing trading. There are no mining tasks necessary.

6. When can I mint NFT? And where?

Quantity: 1000 Genesis Avatar NFT mystery boxes

Pre-mint price: 1.5 BNB

Public mint price: 2 BNB

Pre-mint time: TBD

Public mint time: 2 hours after the pre-mint

Mint link:

7. How can I be free mint or pre-mint whitelists?

Stay tuned and follow for more updates:

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