Updates of MXBOX AMA Sessions

The most impressive question will be “There are many types of Play 2 Earn games on the market today. So how is #MXBOX different from other multi-chain NFT games?” That’s definitely what we should take into account when creating the game. Now, we share the answer here.

Most of the NFT games only focus on profit with P2E, but for our games, we are focusing on player experience and profit factors. In the world of Genesis War, everyone will be the one defending their races and lands. It’s not just a war, but a war of survival, a war of the future. In addition to the appealing game scenarios and stories, photorealistic graphics and aesthetics are also our strengths. What’s more, our NFT P2E game is closely bound up with the mining efficiency of miner MXBOX. For one thing, due to the reasonable rewards mechanism in the game, users are able to earn many UNO tokens as rewards which can be used to level up NFT. For another thing, NFTs upgrade will push up the mining efficiency of miners and in-game win ratio. NFT level, UNO, amount of MXBOX mined and game win rate work together for the ecosystem of our GameFi.

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